Solidarity friends extend their help to a family from Cantón El Papalón, San Miguel

By Voluntarios FUSALMO

June 5, 2020

FUSALMO San Miguel team detected in the area of Cantón El Papalón, a family that needed support. It is about Carmen Palacios, who is in charge of her approximately 55-year-old niece who suffers from a mental disorder. They live in a small house, where the roof is damaged and needs repair due to water seeps.

Thanks to the support of good-hearted people, on the morning of Tuesday, June 2, 2020, the material to repair the roof was bought for Carmen and her niece, in addition, food was obtained. Besides that, medical care to her niece was coordinated with the support of a doctor.

Special thanks to:

Víctor Juárez, Manuel Medrano, Jorge Zelaya, Alfredo Girón, Manuel Benítez, Vanessa Cruz, Cristián Ortez, Nely Chicas for the donation of materials.

Estefanía Coreas, Alison Medrano, Sinaí Hernández for donating food.

Elías Villatoro and Sinaí Hernández, for their management with the doctor who will give the family free consultation.

Danny Norberto Morales Alfaro for his unconditional support during the process.

If you want to support other families that have been affected by the rains, you can make your donation through our bank account at Banco Davivienda N ° 031510025574 checking account. It is time to help those who need it most. #HelpUsToHelp