Time of crisis, time to be supportive

By comparteusa

By Ada Guardado – Psychologist at the Family Care Center (CAIF) FUSALMO – May 31, 2020

El Salvador is experiencing truly difficult times, and it is that as if everything that is going through the Covid-19 crisis was not enough, the government recently announced that phase 3 has begun, which implies a high risk of massive contagion. Hospitals are not attending to all sick people, but prioritizing their attention to those most serious cases. Besides that, tropical storm Amanda, which less than 24 hours after its entry, has put the country on Red Alert, leaving a lot of damage due to floods in different places, the western and central areas being most affected. Now we live double alerts: for the Covid-19 disease in its phase 3, and the tropical depression.

The good thing that can be seen in situations as complex as this is that people get the best of them, showing their ability to be supportive. Thus it has been observed how the neighbors took risks to remove the families who had been trapped in their homes by the floods. Police, soldiers, rescuers, and city hall personnel were also observed, fighting for a common goal: to help those in need.

Solidarity is precisely about this, it means doing what is in our hands to help those who need it, by doing so, we become individuals who make up the same group and have the same interests, which allows us to add energy and achieve goals that we would never have achieved individually, as in the case of those who joined forces to rescue people who were trapped. Solidarity is closely linked with other values such as altruism and companionship. Broadly speaking, it is based on helping and serving others.

This is precisely what our society needs, now that we are experiencing two great crises, it is time to increase the levels of solidarity and, although we have seen people collecting food, clothing, mats, getting involved to alleviate the pain of others, and who are examples of solidarity, still more is needed. Our people need it, now is when more people are needed to join the practice of this value.

Practicing solidarity implies understanding the pain of those who, for some reason, are at a disadvantage at this particular moment, therefore, means should be sought to alleviate that pain, but we must not lose sight of the fact that perhaps at some point in time life, we too could be at a disadvantage, therefore, providing this help does not make us superior, it only makes us responsible people committed to the common good.

How can we be in solidarity these days of crisis?

Making himself available to others. When there is a crisis, there are many needs and any kind of support that altruistic people are willing to provide is always welcome.

Sharing what we have, no matter how little it is and if we do not have material goods to share, let us share our gifts and our time with those who are in vulnerable situations.

Supporting those who need it. Faced with the crisis, many people are going to need support, if it is in our hands to help, let’s do it regardless of whom we are helping.

Let’s not forget that animals also feel and suffer. We must also show solidarity with their pain and suffering. Pets such as dogs and cats should receive supportive gestures of solidarity.

Putting yourself in the place of the other. There is no better way to understand the other than by putting yourself in their place. And if it was your home that was flooded, how would you feel?

Let us treat each other as equals. We are not superior for helping, let us see others like the brother who now needs help, but who, at some point, could be helping me.

Let’s take time to listen to others so we know what they need.

Also, FUSALMO has launched an initiative to help families through a Solidarity Basket of Joy, that contains basic staple foods, if you want to contribute and join in solidarity with these families, enter to: https://hipgive.org/es/project/solidarity-basket-joy/ www.fusalmo.org

FUSALMO El Salvador has also committed to helping families who are in temporary shelters and have suffered material losses due to tropical storm Amanda, which on May 30 left ravages throughout the national territory, you can support with your donation to the following bank account:

Banco DAVIVIENDA checking account – N ° 031510025574

When crises like the ones we are currently experiencing arises, people also have the option of doing nothing, but the truth is that, as human beings, it is difficult not to be moved by what our brothers and sisters are going through. The practice of solidarity means that we are on the right track, and the love between equals, which is so necessary to the common well-being, has not been lost