More than 300 families received the Solidarity Basket of Joy FUSALMO

By comparteusa

As part of the commitment to the community, FUSALMO stands in solidarity in the face of this global emergency due to COVID-19 and works together with other institutions, friends, and benefactors to be able to provide help to families of children and youth from “Don Bosco Integral Program”

in San Miguel, Soyapango, Santa Ana, and also Bendición de Dios and San Expedito communities from Santa Ana.

The delivery of these baskets has been possible with the support Dona tu Cora Foundation, the Santa Ana Municipal Mayor’s Office, donations from FUSALMO’s friends in Los Angeles, California, benefactors and collaborators. Approximately 300 families have been benefit.

On May 24 and 25, 2020, FUSALMO Santa Ana collaborators with the support of the Municipal Mayor of this town, delivered more than 200 baskets with basic food to families that have been affected due to the current situation.

“We began by making a list of young people from the Don Bosco Integral Program of San Miguel, Santa Ana and Soyapango. We started with 70 baskets. After that, being already in the centers and going to the communities where some of these children live, we discovered communities that had a white flag in their homes, which means the families no longer had food. The first community was Bendición de Dios, in Santa Ana and there we conducted a census to identify how many families needed food. To date, we have managed to deliver 310 baskets between Santa Ana, San Miguel and Soyapango. But right now we have a demand for another 300 baskets in San Miguel and Soyapango.

Unfortunately, in San Miguel, families not only need food. We have also found people living in poor conditions, who are requesting laminate for his home. In addition, they lack basic elements such as a chair and a table so that their child can continue with his classes. He must move to school to fulfill his tasks.

Lilia Ivett Padilla – Development Manager

FUSALMO El Salvador thanks all the people who have #HelpedToHelp. If you want to join this initiative you can do so by entering: or donate through the different accounts banking at Banco Agrícola, Banco Davivienda, and Banco de América Central. It is time to help those who need it most.

With your collaboration, it is possible to reach more homes and benefit more families. Be part of this great work FUSALMO El Salvador.