Having breakfast with Parson Pierre. 

By Voluntarios FUSALMO

On the morning of Sunday, October 6, in the city of Downey in Los Angeles, California, United States, radio listeners of the Al Encuentro Program and friends of FUSALMO shared in “Breakfast with Parson Pierre”, an activity that was carried out in order to continue supporting the strengthening of the programs that FUSALMO El Salvador implements of which many girls, boys, adolescents and young people are part. 

Having breakfast with Parson Pierre was a morning to share, where some typical Salvadoran dishes were enjoyed, during this activity Parson Pierre shared the gospel of the day and later a reflection was carried out, in which all the attendees participated. 

FUSALMO is a work that seeks to continue supporting Salvadoran children and youth at risk and all support provided by people with good hearts is very useful.