FUSALMOUSA develops its traditional Dinner of Joy to promote education in El Salvador.

By Voluntarios FUSALMO

United States, October 6, 2023. Fundación Salvador del Mundo (FUSALMO) and FUSALMOUSA celebrate the traditional Dinner of Joy with the aim of benefiting comprehensive educational programs that respond to the needs of Salvadoran children, adolescents and youth.

Highlighting the support of the Latin community in the United States, who, through their management, support the mission of FUSALMOUSA, are identified by working to improve the lives of Salvadorans inside and outside the country, supporting development programs for the childhood and youth. That is why one of its most important goals is to ensure that girls, boys, adolescents and young people in El Salvador have spaces where they can learn, share and play without the fear that something bad may happen, according to Reyna Díaz, President of FUSALMOUSA.

The funds raised during this activity will be used to contribute to programs such as the FUSALMO Oratory, which FUSALMOUSA supports weekly with the donation of bags of water, the payment of educators, sports equipment and support for volunteering for more than 1,438 participants each weekend. In this space they are offered the opportunity to learn values, live together in peace through sport and play, accompanied by the Salesian spirit and the love of God.

Thanks to the support and desire to contribute to the future of youth, FUSALMOUSA has made donations of computers to the FUSALMO headquarters, where more than 7,699 boys, girls and young people from the areas of San Miguel, Soyapango and Santa Ana are served, and who have been benefited from different programs focused on education, sports and training for employment. Additionally, in 2022 a check was delivered with scholarship funds committed to supporting Jorge Shafick Trejo’s university studies, allowing him to continue his university education.

During the Charity Gala, there were artistic presentations, highlighting the talent of children and youth, in addition to recognizing the support of companies, organizations and people who join this great effort through their donations, efforts and sponsorships that contribute to this noble cause.

Learn how you can donate by contacting: Lupita Orellana: 323-5780640, Ivett Padilla: 503-7848-5275 or Reyna Díaz: 626-2426289

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