FUSALMO appoints youth ambassadors

By comparteusa

Organizational Strengthening

Salvador del Mundo Foundation (FUSALMO) was born on August 17, 2001, with the aim of supporting quality complementary education for children, adolescents and youth in areas of greater population and social vulnerability.

From that moment to the present, our work has achieved in these years great recognition at the national and international level, this recognition arises from the dedication and effort of each and every one of the components with which we work, the people who make them up, and the support of our friend brands.

But we have not done this work alone, we have the honor of having youth ambassadors who allow us to take our mission further because we know that committing in the way they have done with our work is not always easy, but despite this, they have given us their support and charisma to transmit our message and values to the population.

FUSALMO recognizes its dedication to the children and youth of El Salvador by sharing and disseminating the work we do, our youth ambassadors are: Oscar Gil, Silvia Gil, Gloria Hernández, Ana Ruth García, Jennifer Contreras, Selma Ulloa, Henry Urbina, and Célida Magaña.

They have been motivated by our work to support us, we appreciate their example of dedication and support to those most in need and their commitment to our work.