Celebration in honor of St. John Bosco

By comparteusa

January is an important date for the Catholic Church and the Salesian family as the life and teachings of Saint John Bosco, father, teacher and friend of the young are celebrated; who throughout his life took as an example the love of the shepherd for his sheep, guided by the Virgin Mary gave his work and dedication to the good of the Church and the youth.

Throughout the month, different commemorative activities were developed, following biosafety protocols and respecting social distancing; The Salesian community remained united, living with fervor and joy this great celebration.

Among the activities, the “Novena to Saint John Bosco” was held, each day of prayer was marked by a special intention addressed to Don Bosco; Likewise, the Solemnity Mass was held, presided over by the priest Alfonso Evertsz, who thanked for the life and providence of Saint John Bosco, recognizing that it is a manifestation of the glory and holiness of God; Furthermore, comparing the greatness of Don Bosco with Mama Margaret, a brave woman, who accompanied him in his growth, forming his character, and instilling faith in him; opening horizons that the Holy Spirit would make concrete, giving the Church and humanity a man like Saint John Bosco.

A man who was always at the service of others, founder of the Salesian Congregation, and declared by Saint John Paul II “Father and Teacher of Youth”.

For Don Bosco to live in grace, was to leave all sin, it was to truly live as authentic children of God, so Father Evertsz invited all people to follow his example, taking up the challenge of life that God grants to each one to work with the heart, courage and hope, practicing the same apostolic charity in search of the salvation of the brothers to serve God, guided by the life models of Don Bosco, Mama Margaret and Francisco Bosco.

And to conclude, on January 31, the tribute to Saint John Bosco was celebrated with great devotion on a national and international level, the day on which the Church honors specially the memory of Don Bosco, who left for eternity on January 31, 1,888, and that he addressed his last words to the young people saying: “Tell my boys that I am waiting for you all in paradise!”